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Posted by CLC on Mar 30, 2005

>>>>>>>I put a screw through the shear clamps at the bow and stern to hold them together wile gooing and stitching. When can I remove them?


Remove the screw once the epoxy fillets in the bow and stern has cured.

>>>>>>>>the epoxy does not paint/coat well. It is smooth in some spots and rough and pitted in others. Is this commmon?... avoidable?


This is true. Epoxy, whatever the brand, simply does not level well unless you put it on in a lot of very thin coats. Coating and sanding parts before you assemble the boat is one way to deal with the challenges of epoxy coating. This takes lots of time and most of us don't do it for this reason alone.

>>>>>>>>>> should I sand the interior prior to finishing?


Only the parts you're going to see, such as in the cockpit.

>>>>>>>>>> ...glassing the bottom would add a lot of weight?


Not a lot, but some. The outside of the bottom is 'glassed; sheathing the inside will add strength but I don't think it's necessary in the Mill Creek.

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