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Posted by LeeG on Mar 25, 2005

You'd love this,,when I built my first s&g, a Patuxent 17, the directions were about seven pages. Wherever it said "you may.." "for strength another layer may...", "a strip of 3"glass tape can be added for abrasion resistance"."endpours for strength",,I ADDED.

So while I put on a 3mm deck "for light weight" I put all the little extra because I knew I'd be launching/landing at rocky beaches off the Marin Coast. So the exterior had 3" tape over the chines and keel. I met a local here who made a Cape Charles with no hull glass and only tape on the inside/outside of chines and keel joints. The interior had two layers of 3" 9oz tape as instructed. And endpours. Except I didn't cut down the tape at the ends,,it all layerd on top of each other. Outside on the ends had three layers of 9oz tape and one layer of 6oz glass AND another layer of tape for impacts. The inside had six layers of 9oz tape. I think the ends were about 1" thick. So after glassing the underside of the deck (ok,,this is what light 3mm ply does) I had a 55lb kayak. The shrubs in the back yard were white from epoxy dust,,no ROS, 1/4sheet sander and hand sanding. I think I went through $50 of sandpaper. LOTS of 80grit. THEN I cut 2" off the bow (a spear in the surf didn't sound good) which was later made into a rudder control mounted on the deck like a dial. That way my footbraces were solid and all it took was a turn of the dial to set a course.

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