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Posted by Mac on Mar 20, 2005


If you can use the dust bag attachment port to duct tape a vacuume hose to your shop vac, I think you'll be way better off. I did this on my Bosh and it improved the dust level in my shop many fold. I also found that on finer grits, the bag clogged very quickly. (I don't even know where my bag is any more - never think of it). I got about 6' of extra hose at my local vacuume repair shop (they have a lot of used footage from built-in systems that they've removed/repaired, and they'll let you have it cheap or free). I then duct taped it permenantly to my ROS and just connect the two hoses when needed. When I empty the shop vac bag, I'm astounded at how much epoxy dust I've collected. (Do this with a mask, carefully, outside etc. that dust is deadly).

ROS's are cool for preping the epoxied boat for varnishing. Done properly, you'd swear the hull was gel-coated fiberglass, it's so smooth.

Have fun


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