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Posted by terry on Mar 18, 2005

I have boats with both carved and creature comfort. For a boat you exclusively use a lot, the carved, in my experience, is better. A bit more work to make, and the first one may not be just right, but a nice, inexpensive way to pamper your butt.

We use the Creat. Com. seats in three boats that are used, on occassion, by folks other than us. The seats are easy to adjust, and easy to move to other boats. They are particularly useful in our MC 16.5. One addition we made to the Creat. Com. is to insert a little Thermarest sport seat under the mesh cover. This makes the seat feel more custom. Beware, though, if you leave the thermarest pads in the boat when it's cartopped on a hot day, the heat may make the internal baffles separate and you'll then have a thermarest balloon.

Another option is to just stand in you kayak and pole it like those pirogues in Louisianna or those little rail bird punts in Southern NJ. Probably not practical in heavy surf, but if you sing to your crew like a gondaleer, it's very romantic.


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