Re: sand paper grit

Posted by Mac on Mar 18, 2005


I agree with all you said except sanding through the outer surface of epoxy to expose the less cured epoxy underneath. To my understanding - and Lord knows I often don't understand - epoxy cures evenly inside and outside at the same time, unlike paint which dries outside in. Therefore, when sanding for adhesion, we're roughing-up for a mechanical bond and not exposing green epoxy for a chemical bond. Now, speaking of chemical bonds:

I've had good luck applying multiple coats of slo cure epoxy at about 68 degrees within 5 hours of each other without sanding. The epoxy is soft enough for a chemical bond. I always carbide scrape any runs or sags first. (They never go away with recoating - only get bigger).

If I'm wrong about any of this, please set me straight.

Thanks... Mac

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