Re: sand paper grit

Posted by Gert Walter on Mar 18, 2005

I find this thread a little confusing. Scrape off the rough spots with the scraper, sand from 60 down to at least 220, making sure the little swirls are gone. Don't sand through the outer ply layer. With the epoxy, the key to good adhesion is to knock off the outer layer of epoxy to slightly expose the inner less cured epoxy, so the next layer sticks. Final epoxy should go to at least 220, finer if you are anal. Change the discs when they get gummed up with epoxy, otherwise the little nubbins on the discs make bigger swirls, and the discs don't cut as well. gwalter

In Response to: Re: sand paper grit by Cliff Herring on Mar 17, 2005



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