sand paper grit

Posted by Patrick Forrester on Mar 17, 2005

I purchased a random orbital sander, and bought some 8 hole paper to go with it.

I bought 15 - 120 grit sheets and 15 - 220 grit sheets This is all my local store had. Anyway I am ok with buying other grits if necessary.

I am wondering what I should use to clean things up before glassing the hull and deck. And what I should use to sand down everything after glassing and expoxying is done. And what I should use between coats of varnish.

I did a quick clean up with 220 on the hull, and it took everything down real fast. I am anal enough to go higher, but I am afraid it may be too smooth for max adheasion of the glass.

I am looking forward to seeing your ideas. Thanks



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