About the test piece-

Posted by Ken Leffert on Mar 17, 2005

It wouldn't do a lot of good without treating it just like the boat, cover it in glass (maybe a little 4 oz. and a little 6 oz.), fill the weave and prep it for a finish, then spray it and send it through. I think if I were going to go to that much effort (and it is a very good idea), I'd do two pieces of sample, spray one of them and leave one of them as just bare epoxy, filled and sanded and ready for finish ... just not finished. I'd send them both through the oven at the same time, the idea being that you would have 4 different possible results:

1) Both finished and unfinished pieces come out fine.

2) The finished piece comes out fine, but the unfinished piece doesn't, it shows unacceptable changes in finish.

3) Neither piece comes out fine, they both show changes in finish that are unacceptable.

4) The unfinished piece comes out fine, but the finished piece shows changes that are unacceptable (the most unlikely scenario, I think, but worth considering).

That would give you a pretty good base to make further plans on ....

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