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Posted by terry on Mar 17, 2005


Sorry I couldn't respond earlier. Anyhow, dear wife and I have a 2000 Forester. The rack bars may be able to spread slightly farther then those on the Outback Sport, not sure. Anyhow, we've hauled our 16 and 17 LTs back and forth to Canada (2016 miles R/T) and things were fine in all regards. We used the stock rack with the addition of the Yak stackers (two, flip-up U-shaped center towers which keep the boats very stable) and just some pipe insulation on the Subaru cross bars. The rails on our rack have holes at each end through which we run extra safety lines, eliminating the need for bow and stern tie-downs. A very good rack and, IMHO, at least as strong as the Thule or Yakima aftermarket racks.

No problems in cross-winds or bridges. Noisier, but you get used to it.

Subarus are lower and more sure-footed than most smaller SUVs and cars and have larger 4-cylindar engines than most. Great for hauling Yaks.

And no, this announcement was not brought to you by you local Subaru Dealer.

good luck


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