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Posted by Scot on Mar 17, 2005

Yes, and I've broken a few boats as well! But, it is hard to replicate a real-world scenario for a S&G chine, for example. The taped fillet joint is much stronger than the panels surrounding it so the strength issue is a bit of a mute point. Impact from a solid object is likely to be the most likely intrusion into a joint. Then one could argue which is best; crushability or stiffness leading to extensive fracturing. Furthermore, flat 4mm panels flex quite a bit in actual use, like under your butt. Stiffness and the distribution of that stress as it spreads to the taped joint is a consideration. I built amas for a 28' trimaran many years ago with S&G - epoxy and biaxial tape. Rigging the boat up on stands over asphalt, the aft support for one of the amas slipped and that S&G joint fell four feet, striking directly on axis. Wham! I cringed and assumed I'd have hours of repair work ahead. Well, there was a 2" deep dent in the asphalt, and the hull had some skuffed primer. That's when I started thinking these taped joint aren't going to be the weakest link. Even back then we were taking sample joints and driving the car over them and stuff. So, yes, but experience and experimentation serve us best. Scot

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