tips for tall guys.

Posted by Howard on Mar 16, 2005

if you have particularly long legs i would recommend that, whatever kayak you choose, that you do a little bit of extra research to ensure that the boat will accomodate your leg length. (a test fit is highly recommended)

my clc 17lt, for example, as designed, has plenty of room for my 6' 5" buddy who i invite over. however, my wr180, and arctic hawk, though they have the same weight carrying capacity, would not accomodate my long legged friend.

i was really surprized at the variation in cockpit size/leg length accomodated in what from the outside appeared to be similarly sized boats.

its not too hard to modify any of these boats to accomodate you if you know it in advance....but it is a royal pain to do it once you are finished.

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