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Posted by Howard on Mar 16, 2005

whether you fill the holes with straight epoxy..or some mix of woodflour or cabosil..they will likely be visible...and a nice accent if you bright finish the boat.

what you want to avoid is bubbles, not becuase you want to avoid air in the hull, but becuase you want to minimize potential for moisture to penetrate into the wood in the hull....which then discolours it and makes for an unsightly mess.

while we talk about epoxy protecting the wood from moisture, even epoxy lets some moisture through. so you will be amazed at the ability of little bubbles in the epoxy to fill with water even if they do not appear to be open to the surface. now if behind the bubble, is un-epoxied wood, the moisture can conduct into the wood. if the wood is completely wetted out with epoxy, you will typically be ok.

sounds like cliff and patrick are suggesting that when they have glassed their boats, that the wet epoxy filled the holes and did not leave bubbles. that is generally my experience as well. filling the holes before glassing is a lot of work and i have done that too when i am feeling particularly anal on a project.

but the most important thing is prefill or not, avoid bubbles under the glass and ensure that all the wood is completely wet out with epoxy.

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