Repairing MC 16.5

Posted by Manfred Klein on Mar 16, 2005

O.k., guys, help!

1. Trying to hoist my boat up under the ceiling of the carport, dropped it from about 4' up onto the concrete. Popped the stbd rudder brace from the hull (glue held, plywood separated)which I'll re-laminate to the hull with a layer of glass; no problem. Problem is that I also have about 7" of glass that separated on the outside of the hull at the intermediate chine, about 1/4" wide. What do I do - sand back to wood and reglass? Drill a small hole and inject epoxy?

2. I'm shortly going to start building a 20' sailboat, Maryland Crabbing Skiff, by Reuel Parker. He recommends using Xynole polyester to the hull. Anyone have any experience with this stuff? I'd appreciate advice because I've heard that it soaks up resin like there's no tomorrow.




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