Re: Automotive clear coat

Posted by George K on Mar 16, 2005

Automotive clear coat has tons of uv inhibitors and has the advantage of being sprayed, sanded and buffed out in one day instead of the 5-7 (or more) coats of varnish with sanding between each coat. It may be more durable as well. That being said, I was going to have a buddy do my boats but have decided on Epifanes varnish instead. You're going to have to do some touch-up over the years no matter what you use so I figured I'd rather be able to do it myself as opposed to having to take it to him every year or so. And if you get the varnish for $20/liter (gotta love this internet thing) it's much cheaper than clearcoat. And finally, after all the work building these things it just doesn't seem right to turn them over to some guy to finish what we started (unless you're going to spray it yourself). Just my three cents worth (inflation).

George K

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