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Posted by Mac on Mar 16, 2005

Hey Karl,

Look at my post to Charlie! I'm starting to rent it out now.

When you've got your own gravity field, you gotta do something positive with it.

Wifey used to call me Tweedle Dumb. Now it's Tweedle Dump! Aw, the humiliation! (She's on the small side for a 16 footer. Guess who's boat gets the heavy camping gear! I've got her convinced that ballast is safer for her.)

Seriously though, CLC has a couple of good kayak designs for the vertically and horizontally gifted.

Unlike ol' Kurt, I'd have to find other homes for most orphans that would follow me home. That, or my wife gets a fleet - and she's not all that wild about paddling in the first place.

Those little guys get all the luck.

(If this doesn't get a rise out of him....)

All the Best


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