Re: Pre UV Protection

Posted by Laszlo on Mar 16, 2005

Robin, what kind of response are you looking for? I used CC seats in my brand-x pirogue (details at ) and will be setting up my wife's 16LT to use them, too. We each have our own seat which we move from boat to boat. We both like the seats a lot and have compared them to the other seats available from CLC at the showroom and Okoumefest. We both still think that the CC's are the best. Neither of us have tried the carved minicell seats.

Mac, My epoxy is still clear after 2 years. It's System 3 Classic (not Silvertip). Based on S3's data sheets, I figure that it'd take about 5 years for the epoxy to start chalking with the way I use the boat (it's stored indoors between uses). I seem to sand and re-epoxy it every year or 2, so I'm not worried.

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