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Posted by Mac on Mar 16, 2005

Peter, Kurt Maurer has hauled a pair of big fat Mill Creek 13's over some very long distances on car-top, with no additional protection. I hope he sees this post and wades in. I personnaly would be loath to add much more wind resistance to the package for two reasons: strain on the racks and strain on the wallet (gas ain't gettin' cheaper). Are you planning on driving a lot of gravel or sandy roads, or getting stuck behind a lot of trucks? In that case, form-fitting "bras" may suffice. (Could simply be taped-on garbage bags). The boats shouldn't receive any more damage than your car will.

Please, no matter what you decide, use bow and stern tie lines. (Kurt can speak to that as well).

Now that you've told us about a big road trip, we espect a big trip report.

Safe travels!


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