Re: Now I am paranoid!

Posted by CLC on Mar 14, 2005

Golly. The only thing worse than the wax in tack cloths is silicone.... (Not to be confused with the ordinary silica---sand---that you mix with the epoxy.)

You need to take the boat outdoors and give it a thorough wash with lacquer thinner to purge the poor hull. Wear strong rubber gloves so you don't get all that lacquer thinner in your bloodstream.

On the fisheye problems you've been having, I just thought of a batch of sandpaper I once bought that seemed to contaminate the surface. It had white grit with lots of glue, instead of the familiar 3M yellow or red or green grit.

But silicone overspray is a killer. I inquired about having my Folkboat's topsides painted last year and the boat painters declined, having learned there was silicone in the gelcoat wax I had been using.

Have faith; I wiped it down thoroughly with lacquer thinner and the paint went on beautifully.

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