Now I am paranoid!

Posted by Lou on Mar 14, 2005

A couple of weeks back I posted I was a frustrated MC13 builder because my epoxy was not going on smoothly. I sanded 95% of that coat off, and cleaned up as suggested from your great responses. I put all of the tack cloths in the trash as suggested. I rolled on another coat. I must have not gotten it clean enough as a few small spots still had the orange peel deal going. Sanded this coat 95% off cleaned again, put on another thin coat with a squeegee. This one looked great. Now for the paranoia part, I had to replace the door into my shop. I walked into the shop and the morons helping me had a big can of silicone spray lubricating the weather-stripping. There was a strong cold north wind blowing into the shop at the time. I donít know if the over spray got on the boat but it was down wind. Any suggestions before I do my final sanding? I feel like there is silicone on everything, I know it is on the doorknob because it slips in my hand when I open the door. Thanks in advance again, Bad Luck Lou



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