Re: Holy Smokes!!

Posted by Karl on Mar 14, 2005

Thanks for all of the encouraging words, folks. I've made my share of mistakes on this project (lessons learned), but I'm pretty happy with the results. I have one more coat of varnish to go, all the way around, which I'm hoping to knock out the beginning of this week. Maybe by this weekend I'll be able to finish up installing the deck hardware, bungees etc. With a little luck (something that's been a bit thin lately, ask me about my $750 car repair bill for this morning's radiator fiasco), I should have full length natural lighting photos by the beginning of next week. They will unfortunately be in my backyard, amongst the most recent foot of snow (sigh).

Kurt, I'm actually thinking of trying a scratch built Cormorant for my next project (for my daughter, you'd need a shoe horn to put me into one).

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