Re: CH18 bottom problem

Posted by LeeG on Mar 14, 2005

With the kayak hanging by the sheerclamps put some small bricks/weight on the flat spot and loosen the wires at the keel and sides until it comes out. The flat spot is a common occurrence when the bottom panels are opened up after being wired together as the tension at the spreader stick is concentrated there. Using wedges to open up the keeline and bring the flatspot out isn't necessary because the panels are cut correctly to begin with. If you have to open up a gap it would imply the panels aren't cut correctly from the beginning, which isn't the case.

Lowering the freeboard wouldn't change the issue of the flatspot as it can occur in any of the kayaks if you don't take it out before gluing it up.

In Response to: CH18 bottom problem by Ron C on Mar 14, 2005



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