Re: CH18 bottom problem

Posted by CLC on Mar 14, 2005

Since you lowered the flared sides, the Chesapeake 18 got narrower. Spreading the now-narrower boat to the normal beam measurement would have the effect of giving the boat more flare than prescribed, which would increase the rocker, which flattens the bottom amidships.

(Whew. That's panel expansion geometry.)

Take the spreader stick out and let the sides form around your bulkheads. The bottom panels should adopt the usual V-shape. The overall beam will be a bit narrower now that you've lowered the sides, which won't affect the underbody shape or stability.

You can put in a shorter spreader stick once everything is settled. If the bottom is still trying to flatten on you, install a temporary post pushing down on the keel from the underside of the spreader stick, and adjust wires on the keel line as necessary to ensure the curve of the keel is fair.

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