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Posted by FrankP on Mar 11, 2005

I don't recall ever having said the man needed punishment though I may have without intending to. I still stand by my belief, though, that he ("Meester" Hall) should not have led that particular trip.

Yes this was preventable and the reasons have been discussed ad nauseum at this point. To recap the finer points:

1) Always have a VHF radio on open waters. 2) Always listen to weather reports before and during a trip on open waters. 3) Always keep open communication with group members and be willing to bail at any point if things get too "hairy". 4) Always have fall back options..redundant communication, alternate routes, etc.

Things it seems the guide did correctly (from my perspective.)

1) Had an "emergency" plan to raft up if/when a particular signal was set (the lantern on the cat was apparently a signal to all converge on it and raft up.) 2) He did make efforts to find the kids despite the way some reports read. 3) He rafted the group up and ventured out in search of outside help. 4) Apparently remained calm and did whatever he could to relieve the tension of the situation and ensure the best outcome he could given the circumstances he was in. 5) Had PFDs for each person and a couple of more experienced paddlers in the group to help with the complete novices.

Just my perspective as someone who leads outdoor groups and is a beginning paddler.


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