Re: final finish

Posted by Steve Miller on Mar 11, 2005

Your last coat of varnish or paint is your final finish. A properly done varnished boat is a thing of beauty. The final coat will reflect the time and effort you spent doing the prep sanding and each coat/sanding under the final. Should not be any reason to polish or buff the varnish if you do the job right in the first place.

Never wax a boat that you ever want to varnish or paint again. Wax is for cars and fg boats.

If you just gotta buff your boat (after its good and cured, like weeks not days) the grits start way finer than 400 - 600. Maybe 1200 or even finer. 400 grit is what I use to wet sand between coats of varnish. It is not a polishing grit for sure!

Do a search here and on line about "polishing varnish" or "polishing paint". The auto guys do it and the show boat (varnish coffee table book boats) do it but most kayakers don't bother.

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