Re: Sanding tips

Posted by CLC on Feb 24, 2005

Sanding....miniature tug boats....I just had an awful flashback to one of the hardest fairing jobs in my life. An extremely elaborate 10- or 12-foot long mini-tug, strip planked, with a rounded counter stern and broad, flaring bow, combined with a flat run aft and a hard turn to the bilge amidships.

There was more shape in that thing than any boat I've ever seen, and everyone in the shop agreed that it was ten times harder to build than any given 30-footer.

It would have been easier to carve the thing out of a solid block of wood. In the end it took a lot of microballoons to fair it out. The guy who commissioned the project sure was glad we had agreed on a fixed price and not time-and-materials.

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