Re: Sanding tips

Posted by Karl on Feb 22, 2005

Folks, after a marathon weekend, I am now done with all of the primary construction of my CH 18. Coamings are in place, hatches have been built and hatch openings have been cut, with doublers in place. The only thing standing between me and a couple of cans of Epifanes is a bunch of sanding. Question: does anyone have a good way to deal with the sensitive areas of sanding, like the chines, keel and the very small transition areas where the four hull panels come together at either end? Has anyone had experience with the sanding sponges that 3M makes? The last thing I want to do is burn through the epoxy on these areas and expose glass. I've already sanded most of the large panels, but when I got to the ends and edges, control of the ROS became an issue.

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