Re: Chined Sailboats

Posted by Mark Camp on Feb 19, 2005

Thanks, John. That adds some good detail about why Lightnings aren't as stitchable gluable as I speculated.

My simplifying assumption was that the Lightning didn't have doubly curves surfaces, but it seems that was incorrect. You mention that they have an "arc-bottom", which I take to mean that the hull bottom sections looking fore and aft are curved.

I stand corrected.

You also view the question from the point of view of qualifying one's boat according to Lightening class rules. Actually, I was thinking only of the vision of perfect daysailer. But we are talking about the very competitive Lightning class at the moment, so your perspective is relevant.

I have to disagree with you, however, on your assumption that S and G technique would not lend itself well to meeting precise dimensional specifications. Using panels that were desiged and cut with CAD/CAM, one could more easily meet specified finished dimensional tolerances with S and G (one-off) than just about any other technique.

I think you are thinking of S and G as CLC uses it today, where there is no market requirement to meet a precise dimensional spec set by someone else.

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