Re: bow bulkhead location

Posted by CLC on Feb 19, 2005

>>>>Could this be a problem for the structure of the boat ?


Not at all. Rereading your post, I think it's Bulkhead #2, the second from the bow, that you mean to move aft. Bulkhead #3, at the rear of the cockpit, should NOT be moved. It controls the location of the seat, and in turn, the center of gravity of the boat.

Once you have the outside of the hull 'glassed, the shell should be stiff enough that, with care, you can put the boat on the ground atop cushions and have a seat in the nascent cockpit. That'll give you a good idea of the scale and where to put your new Bulkhead #2.

In Response to: bow bulkhead location by Patrick Forrester on Feb 18, 2005



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