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Posted by LeeG on Feb 18, 2005

sounds about right,,,45 minutes is conceivable for someone working at 70degrees with a professional familiarity with a particular epoxy. It'll take me about two hours beginning to end and that's after having built a dozen s&g kayaks.

Sand to 180grit before priming should be adequate. Your sander CAN eat into the glass,,so,,DON'T use it on the sheer,chines,keel or within one foot of the ends where the side/bottom panels meet as things are close enough together that you'll be focusing on one edge of the sander while the other is chewing through the glass. So if you sanded with 80 grit on the large flat areas change to 100-150 grit at the ends until you get a sense of how the hull curves. Sure you can sand after two fill coats,,you may need to put on another fill coat and sand again after that. For 6oz cloth it takes about three fill coats to adequately fill and cover for sanding. With 4oz two fill coats are possible. Yep,,the sheer get's cut by eyeball between the front deck beam to the aft bulkhead.

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