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Posted by George K on Feb 18, 2005

1. How perfect do you want the paint to look? Any imperfection will show up with gloss paint. You need to get the hull as smooth as possible before the primer. 220 on a ROS will do the job. And it depends on how thick your two coats are. Sounds like you used a minimum of epoxy so you might want to be a little on the careful side when sanding. Low spots will reveal themselves (won't be dull like the rest of the boat) and will need to be filled. The roller works well. 2. From the deckbeam forward the sheers are planed to the 16" radius. From the rear bulkhead back they are planed to that radius. In between the deck beam and the rear bulkhead you plane a rolling bevel that starts at one radius and ends at the other. Not as hard as it sounds. Do the forward and aft sections first then the rolling bevel.

Above all, enjoy the building process. It IS addictive.

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