glassing - mmm!

Posted by ray on Feb 18, 2005

Well that was more difficult than expected. The garage now looks like a gallon of epoxy has just exploded - messy business.

I read and the CH17 DVD. The web page reakons that wetting the glass will take around 45 mins!!! I started at 9pm last night and finished at 1am. What did i do wrong? I have used 8 oz glass and it seemed to take a while before the glass went transparent. It was a constant race to keep to keep up with curing & mixing.I have just finished applying the second coat with a roller.

All i can say is i'm pleased i'm painting and not varnishing the hull. Hats off to you guys with varnished hulls. I am unhappy with small areas that have not wetted completely & the irregular epoxy surface. I assume that this glass is still ok to paint? It is free from blisters and air bubbles.

I have two questions

1. how perfect does the epoxy coat need to be before priming. Is it ok to sand with two coats of epoxy. What is the best way of preparing the surface so that it is smooth before priming? I am concerned that my sander will eat into the glass.

2. planing the sheer. The book says i should plane a radius of 16 inch. The book does not say whether that is for the whole length of the sheer. The deckbeams have a radius of 16 inch while the rear bulhead has a bigger radius. Does the sheer need to be planed at different angles to take account of these diffferent radiu.


time for a shower to wash the grot off




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