Re: stern line fairing

Posted by terry on Feb 18, 2005

I saw some panel variability in the few kits I built some years back. May be as much a function of how you stitch the panels up as of the panels themselves. Not sure if it matters, as the goal, as I'm sure you've read in your directions, is still the same: to get fair curves on all the long seams in the hull, a straight keel and a straight boat. In my experience, this requires a combination of adjusting stitches and removing/adding small amounts of wood with either a small plane or chisel.

The ends of the kayaks are often the trickiest to get just right, as we're asking the wood to do things it would rather not do as the four panels narrow, twist, rise and meet at the bow and stern.

As your irregularities are symetrical, consider yourself lucky. You just do the same adjustment twice. The asymetrical irregularities can be more work to correct. Hang in there, ponder the changes, have a beer or glass or wine if your a drinking man, and the solution will evolve in your mind and, through your hands, in your boat.

Speaking of irregularities, time for my prunes.


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