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Posted by terry on Feb 18, 2005

Wonderful discourse on the details of building certain one-designs, John. Now I understand why some designs that would appear to be a cinch to build S&G would, in fact be nearly impossible to build to the rule. Not that it matters much now, as my small boat racing days are long over.

'Course, I wasn't much of a racer anyhow, except in the sneakboxes. Some days, if the day was particularly lovely and the airs flukey, I'd opt for just following the wind across the bay, and exploring the wildlife-rich wetlands north of Tuckerton, NJ. Some times of the month, or after a storm, the low tide would be too low to get enough centerboard to beat home, at which point I'd have to get out and tow the darn boat to the narrow deep channels and try to get home on them. More then a few evenings, as the sun lowered, Dad would show up in the old cedar garvey (30 horse Evinrude - largest motor they made the year he bought it) and throw me a tow line. He never complained about these rescues. Guess his Dad had to do quite a few also.


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