Re: stern line fairing

Posted by Mac on Feb 18, 2005

Vic, Are you building from a kit or from plans? Generally, if the panels are cut accurately, the hollows and bumps are caused by stitches too tight and the mating edges wandering from overlap to underlap. Try loosening the stitches and adjusting the touching edges (use a putty knife if it helps) so that they meet equally. I generally sand a slight bevel into the edges beforehand so that they don't have to meet on such sharp angles. You may want to do this exercise when your hull is clamped onto the winding posts so it won't move after you sort it all out and you get a chance to retighten the stitches without it popping out of alignment again.

Take your time, you have lots of it (not like epoxy is curing) and get it right. This is a very important step, along with the winding check.

Let us know how it goes, and have fun.



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