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Posted by Paul on Feb 17, 2005

Mark, I,ve got a CH 18 with a sail rig. Their not just downwind rigs either,you can reach to. And ,I've found that by paddleing at the same time,you can point high into the wind till the sail luffs up,drop back down a bit and this will give you normal top hull speed for about 1/3 the paddleing effort. I,ve included a link to another site where I did a report with pics on the rig. I can assure you I dont go on long paddles without it. I dont own a GPS so cant give any speeds,however I was talking to a Lady that measured 23KPH top speed on their trip. I would say this was probably riding down the face of the chop as well. I,ve done a report on this forum as well ,if you do a search you'll find it. There is also a site from New Zealand that has plans to build one yourself if you want to, I think it might be Grant Glazer's site ?. Let me know if I can help furher.

Cheers Paul

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