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Posted by terry on Feb 17, 2005

Nice history on the Lightnings, Snipes and Thistles. Forgot to mention that I found an early 40s copy of Rudder at a yard sale some years back, with a painting of a Lightning flying a spinnaker on the cover. The cover is now framed and on our stairway wall. Made me wonder what happend to our old Rudder magazines. It was a big day each month when Rudder arrived in the mail.

My sister and I also raced a cedar plank-on-frame Duster, and I have mentioned the cedar sneakbox before. Both boats leaked horrendously when first launched. A few days later, they were as tight as most glass boats. Well, maybe a few little trickles around the trunk when beating close-hauled, but otherwise tight.

We also had a small fleet of the big E-scows (or E-sloops, as we called them) down the bay. Wonderfully constructed narrow planked wooden hulls (27' ?)with twin rudders/centerboards that were the fastest things on the back bays until the catamarans came along.

Ah, the good old days when neither boats, nor the contents of your wallet, were plastic.


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