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Posted by c. mac neill on Feb 17, 2005

Mark old wood Lightings were plank on frame, got to put them in water to swell up, or they will leak like crazy, must wet sail them, end up with heaver boat then modern drysailed glass Lightings

old glass onedesign boats often get soft have sailed old glass Flying Scott's that were simply horrid

some older wood boats will keep up with new fiber glass construction example Thistle Class, wooden Thistles were hot molded 5 ply on a male plug, you can dry sail them, my wood Thistle is right at the 515 lb min alowed weight, Thistle #1 still raced

some one design class asn. are much tighter about changing the boat measurements

some one design classes, have alowed their boat to change over the years put a 50 yr old Snipe, along side a new glass Snipe, you would not think that it could be from the same onedesign class

wood onedesign boats can also be had cheep as most raceing sailers would rather race than work on a boat so they are not intrested in older boats even if just as fast as more expensive newer glass boats

helm down grab your beer Mac

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