Re: Epoxy Not Curing?

Posted by Laszlo on Feb 17, 2005

Just in the interest of precision, catalysis only happens for polyester resins. Epoxy resins cross link.

So if you're using epoxy and try John's method what you're counting on is that the first layer is close to but not quite at the correct ratio and that the second layer provides some of the missing component but not at such a great loss that it won't itself stay soft.

This works best with epoxies that are tolerant of mixture inaccuracies, such as System 3.

There is the risk that only the topmost layer will harden up (if the missing component can't dissolve from the new layer completely into the old layer), so I'd never do this in a structural joint. But it did work fine for me on a seat top where the mix wouldn't harden.


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