Re: Epoxy Not Curing?

Posted by Steve Miller on Feb 17, 2005

No, its a time spent being warm thing. Epoxy cures slowly as it is anyway, taking several days or weeks to reach full strength. If it really is still soft or tacky then a heat gun will get it off really fast with an old putty knife. The heat gun will just bubble the uncured stuff off. Hold the heat gun about 12" - 14" away from the work so you do not scorch the boat. The clean up will be faster and easier than you are expecting. You can scrape and heat in one motion working down the boat.

Scrape the knife off on some paper. I keep a roll of the heavy white freezer paper in the shop. Its plastic coated on one side and is really handy to use with epoxy since the goo does not stick to the plastic side. The paper side is good for cleaning off the putty knife.

In Response to: Re: Epoxy Not Curing? by Jon Zeidler on Feb 16, 2005



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