Shinto rasp

Posted by LeeG on Feb 15, 2005

It looks like it's made from a stack of double sided hack saw blades riveted togther with diamond spaces inbetween. Much, much more controllable than a standard rasp in that it doesn't pack up and the finer teeth don't gouge as much. I got one six years ago and it still works,,maybe a new one would be sharper. A good example of how it works would be if you wanted to round off the bow after cutting a 2" piece off,,you can grind off wood and hard epoxy evenly without raising clouds of dust. Let's say there's a piece of hard goop hanging on the inside of a hatch hole,,the rasp can take it down quickly without using a power tool. Or you're carving a minicell seat and you want to take an edge down to fit between the hip plates,,it works very well for that. Unfortunately it's all flat surface cutting but in places where you are tempted to abuse a plane or try 60 grit on the ROS and kick up glass fibers it works well. While not the best I've used it to grind down epoxy drips when a scraper or sander wasn't at hand. Basically anytime you've used a regular file rasp or perforated metal rasp the Shinto rasp will do it better.

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