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Posted by terry on Feb 15, 2005

I sailed many Lightnings as a boy. A nice 19- footer built, back then, in plywood (a few of the early ones may have been built in planked cedar). I can't recall if anyone had an all-glass version, but I do recall some plywood boats sheathed in glass. A nice, reasonably fast boat that could carry a group and fly a spinaker, but with considerably more standing and running rigging than the Sharpie.

Another similar boat, but a few feet shorter, is the Comet.

Another nice, fast and easy to build 14-footer is the Duster, a design indigenous to Southern New Jersey. She's a pram bow, cat rigged boat that was originally built in cedar planking, than later in plywood. My sister and I owned a few and I can attest that they are very fast in the right airs and very easy to build and rig. The Riverton Yacht club in Riverton, New Jersey may have some plans (ask for Skip Lippincott).

Maybe try Googling the design names and you may be surprised to find someone still selling plans, or who might lend you a set.

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