Re: New Design?

Posted by Mark Camp on Feb 14, 2005

Great post, thanks, FG.

Note: Your link inpired me to invent a solution to the age-old question that has plagued boat racing for 180 years now: how to make a sporting rule that (a) encourages innovation, but doesn't (b) excessively favor high-tech players with too much money over us ordinary folk with too many tuition bills:

"Subject to the above dimensional and materials limitations, you may design any new hull shape (or sail plan, or whatever) you wish, as long as (a) you publish it on the web, far enough in advance of the first race that you use it in, that all your prospective opponents can analyze it and if they wish copy it in time to try to beat you with your own idea, and (b) you promise that you think it is such a good idea that you will use it in said race to beat those who failed to recognize its genius, lest you be tempted to give us a red herring."

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