Re: Shinto rasp

Posted by terry on Feb 14, 2005

I agree that the Shinto is the next best thing to a big power tool in some applications. Not sure if it's the right tool for the fine smoothing of not-quite-cured epoxy that the flat cabide scrapers excel at, not is it as good (in my limited experience) at removing drips and bumps from cured epoxy as the carbide scapers.

By the way, Karl, those 2" carbide scaper blades usually have a slightly curved edge that reduces gouging at the blade corners. Still, best be careful with the things, as they are sharp and can dig into even cured epoxy easily.

Also, Karl, where are you in Mass.? The in-laws have a little store and home on the Vineyard and we haul the boats up there on occassion. If you see two white LTs around OB or Edgartaown, it's likely to be us.


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