Re: Is This Worth It?

Posted by terry on Feb 14, 2005

I honestly don't know precisely how the two glass weights compare for strength. One of the guys put up some charts and data awhile back on this topic, and West and the other epoxy manufacturers, and probably Sam Devlin, have data. I line my cockpit soles with 6 oz. for extra stiffness, for impact resistance for all the junk I clumsily drop in the boat, and to give a bit of a non-skid surface on the sole. With two very thin fill coats, I doubt the weight difference is all that much. Now your better half, being on the small side like mine, may not require this extra stiffness, but when she puts one foot on the sole, it's gonna want to flex. Also, a 17 foot boat is on the long side, and may have a bit more inherent flex amidships that the sole glass could help minimize. I think the 6 oz would do a better job than the light 2 oz.

Better yet, get her on a diet. If she gets down to 45-50 lbs, I doubt you'd need any reinforcement at all. And think of all the food money you'd save that could be spent on boatbuilding.

Sometimes I feel stupid for not noticing how smart I am.


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