Posted by Kurt Maurer on Feb 14, 2005

Dang you, Terry!! That's what EVERYONE says, and has been saying ever since I got into this miserable lousy rotten stinkin' hobby!!! "Oh, just trot yer happy ass down to the friendly local hardware emporium and pick up a carbide scraper. La, la, la..."

I burned tons of fuel, and traveled hundreds, nay, thousands of miles, lantern in hand, seeking the fabled carbide scraper around the Houston Metroplex. Alas, old and gray, I finally special ordered one... but now I'm too frail to hold it in my quaking hand.

Readily available... HAH!!! Don't lissen to 'im, John! It's a conspiracy, launched by some dark, sickly twisted, homicidal humorists who love nothing better than to send other boat builders out on a cold winter's snipe hunt while they, comfortable in the warmth of their own domiciles, build BOATS.

The voices of us fallen victims cry to CLC for justice! Do not let us down!

Grrr, Kurt

In Response to: Re: Scraper Survey by terry on Feb 14, 2005



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