Re: Scraper Survey

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Feb 14, 2005

Oh, I'm awake and watching, alright. But believe it or not, I'm relatively unfamiliar with the subject. As to why that is, the key words appeared in John's reply: 'it somewhat laborious'.

We can't afford real labor in today's economy, so we bigtime pros learn to use power sanders as if they were or right arms.

I never got epoxy runs/drips/sags of any consequence, since I have so much prior building experience. When I do get 'em, they're tiny.

I just adopted yet another abandoned project, and the excess epoxy slathered in by the (pretty decent first-time) builder who started it is unbelieveable to me! But from what I've seen out there, fairly typical.

I have finally obtained a carbide scraper however, after special-ordering one through my wholesale supplier. It's taking a while to learn to love, but I'm getting there. I especially like it for places too tight to get my 6 hp, 40-grit whirr-O-matic into.

Cheers, Kurt

PS: Good show on the lightning fast response, John! I hope you will add a carbide scraper to your lineup.

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