Scraper Survey

Posted by Laszlo on Feb 13, 2005

How many out there would be willing to buy cabinet scrapers from CLC? It's an often-discussed tool and is supposed to make finishing boats much easier. However, the main topics of discussion seem always to be "What does it do?", "Where can I get one?" and "Is this the right kind?".

You notice that there's very little discussion of that sort of the bonsai saw since it is mentioned in the building documentation, described in the catalogue and it can be bought from CLC.

I'd like to see the same with scrapers, and I'm ready to vote with my money. So I thought I'd see if there were enough other builders out there who would buy scrapers from CLC so that we could convince them to stock scrapers along with spokeshaves, block planes and bonsai saws. I know I could order them from other companies, but I'd rather send my money to CLC and presumable any scraoer they stocked would be the one I'd actually need.

Any takers?




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