Re: Colour Practice

Posted by Mac on Feb 12, 2005

Oh, no, Dave, trust me - it's spiritual! That's one of the reasons I'm goin' for all varnish - didn't get enough with just the deck last time.

Have you noticed that with all our discussions about which marine varnish is preferred, no one talked about smell? Well, I will - I love Epifanes from Holland. Pricey, but I think they grind up spices or something in it, and I'm totally adicted. Remember, these are the folk that invented gin. I've been using it on everything from boats to baseboards and it's bulletproof. (Dark though. I like the honey colour, but it ain't for the folk who go for that new guitar look.)

Happy varnishing!

In Response to: Re: Colour Practice by Dave Bokros on Feb 12, 2005



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