Colour Practice

Posted by Mac on Feb 12, 2005

Good Morning!

I've just had a brainwave (catch it quick - it's RARE!)

I'm working on my 2nd kayak, and am going for an all bright finish (too lazy to do all the masking etc). One of the concerns is always trying to blend the dookie schmutz to the colour of the Okoume when filling the exterior hull seams. Straight wood flour is usually too dark. Not that it's a bad look - some including me, kinda like the birchbark canoe effect, but I thought I'd try for invisible - more challenging. I'm going to try white micro balloons in the mix - or wheat flour - or white latex paint (messy - fun).

I'm about to fillet the inside seams prior to taping. What better place to practice blends than in the hatches and the cockpit? All kinds of footage and no wasted schmutz!

Ohhhh, I'm all tingly!!

Have a super Valentine's Weekend!




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