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Posted by LeeG on Jan 28, 2005

if you make a seat from 3" minicell it's worth re-cutting the block into two parallelagram chunks that can be glued together to match the v in the bottom of the hull. That will eliminate the need to remove minicell from the sides of a solid block and give an extra 1/2" or so of side/thigh support. Also cut the blocks so the seat is an inch wider than the width of the hip braces. That way you can cut slots on the sides of the seat to match the hip braces and lock the seat in a fore/aft position. With 3/4" minicell on the hip braces right above the seat it'll get locked in place vertically. That way you don't have to rely on contact cement to lock it in place and it'll be removeable for misc. maintenance outfitting renovations.

The Double is a very deep and stable kayak so it would make sense from a paddlers standpoint to raise the seat up an inch or two off the bottom to make it easier to clear the foredeck when paddling.

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